IRIS is a company with strong family values, and use this as the foundation to build a company committed to life in all of its forms, in solidarity, respect and responsibility towards people, nature and the environment. The main strength of the company is the people and the respect for life, the principle and base on which our activity is sustained.

IRIS was created by a family, and wants to maintain the strengths that provided its beginning and continuity through its business life.

Our commitment to life leads us to generate value and create job opportunities that provide dignity to our people, through fair, legal and ethical hiring. As well as a firm commitment to education and professionalization, allowing for development and self-fulfillment.

It was this way that the IRIS Corporate Social Responsibility committee was created in 2012, inviting the different areas to be part of this great challenge.

Our primary social responsibility is creating jobs and generating added value benefits for our investors and clients.

We aim to be recognized as a high-quality, serious, efficient, ethical, transparent Paraguayan industry and a company committed to the development of a country that fights and works seriously to impose the mark of Paraguayan Industry as a seal of quality so that Paraguay continues to open paths and opportunities with the rest of the world.

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The IRIS CSR committee is made up of collaborators from different sectors of the company who volunteer their time to us. Our volunteers work from their respective areas, doing everything possible to help and implement key strategies that help make proposed projects a reality.