The country flourishes with the help of industry

The country flourishes with the help of industry

Our gardens are having a party! Lapachos, azaleas, Santa Rita and all the vines have come out to celebrate. Why? Because they heard that it’s our anniversary.

IRIS was created on September 15, 1936 and is turning 83!

Looking back, we see 3 young Catalan brothers arrive, in search of a country where they could work and achieve their dream of starting a business. Their names were Benito (a chemist), José (a machine enthusiast) and Francisco Cosp (a good manager).

That mix of talents allowed for the first business dedicated to essences, sanitary products and cosmetics to be founded in Paraguay, producing liquid detergents, dishwashers, perfumes, fragrances, powders and bathroom cleaning products but… Life and reality in the tropical country set the business trend. As such, they launched the first mosquito coil, and an endless number of insecticide, cleaning and cosmetic products that took the country by storm with their brands Matiris, Zitron, Pinoleche, Kerkus, Aut, BIS.

Years later, these high-quality products managed to advance and be sold in international markets.

IRIS continued to grow and proudly achieved Good Manufacturing Practice (1994) certification, and the ISO 9001 (1995) seal.

In 1995 the company exported products for the first time to Uruguay, Argentina and Chile. Today, IRIS continues to expand to Central America, Europe and the Andean Region.

If there is one thing that makes our IRIS Family proud, it is that our products continue to conquer markets and that our product portfolio continues to grow, always looking for ways to innovate to provide easier cleaning and home hygiene options.

Is there a secret to success?

Sure, there are many, and at IRIS, we take care on all aspects of our operation: customer service, product quality, our research department, the professionalism of our managers, and many other factors, but above all, we like to be a family-style company. We like to look out for each other and experience the joys of achieving our industry goals as a team, to serve our community and our country with an emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility, generating sources of formal employment, offering responsibility and future opportunities with one Vision:
To have IRIS products in every Paraguayan household whilst maintaining a strong competitive international presence.