Insect and pest control

Pests and insects should no longer be a concern in your home, we offer a wide variety of insecticides to provide you with a solution and the safe knowledge that we count with more than 80 years in the market.

Home care and cleaning

With technology capable of cleaning, degreasing, disinfecting and perfuming every corner of your home with the least possible effort. We offer the highest range of cleaning products.

Deep cleaning

Zitron deep cleaning products are ideal for cleaning kitchens, ovens, countertops, tiles, grills, plastics, table surfaces, etc.

Animal health and hygeine

Responsible veterinary protection with the best solution for small and large animals.


Our repellants provide you with maximum protection and effectiveness against mosquito bites, to avoid catching Dengue.

Personal care

We offer a wide range of sanitizers as well as hand and body soaps which allow you to feel free and protected at all times.

Animal dermocosmetics

The first line of national dermocosmetic products for the veterinary care of your pets.

Garment care

For the protection of fabrics, providing the necessary care, leaving the garments soft and perfumed for much longer, recovering whiteness and preserving colors from the first wash.


Parties will never be the same again, with our foam you’ll have tons of fun!

Protector Solar

Asegurá la más efectiva protección solar contra la radiación UVA y UVB disminuyendo los efectos nocivos y acumulativos de las radiaciones como son: quemaduras solares y envejecimiento prematuro por exposición solar.​

Protector solar dermatológicamente testeado e hipoalergénico.