Our people, our greatest pride

Our people, our greatest pride

Without a doubt, throughout these 83 years of the company’s institutional life, we can assure you that the most important factor has been, and continues to be our people. Our staff of Collaborators, through their roles, bring that spark, enthusiasm, creativity, proactivity, quality and continuous improvement that has led us to reach great achievements and to stand out as a pioneering company in various areas at the national level.

As a company, we have always strived to be recognized as a company that prefers to hire all of its personnel in a legal and transparent manner, thus collaborating with the Labor formalization of the country, complying with 100% of all the established requirements: the IPS Social Security program, Family Bonus payments, Bonuses and the payment of Salaries in a timely manner.

Beyond our commitments to comply with the law, IRIS always aims to be able to improve the quality of life of its collaborators/employees, granting additional benefits such as the exclusive and free BUS service for the entire team, which is available during entry and exit hours; Personal loans for all employees, Integration Tournaments, leisure activities and something which many of our team had longed for, and were able to obtain in 2019: the opening of savings accounts at Banco Visión, for each employee. An initial deposit was paid into the accounts through the awarding of a percentage of the distribution of our profits from the 2018 financial year, serving as motivation to get our employees into the habit of saving. 27% of our employees have continued with their programmed savings on a monthly basis since the accounts were opened.

Regarding the training of our collaborators and employees, the company has an annual training plan and budget, destined exclusively for the development of our staff and their abilities in line with their specific roles and duties.

We currently have a team of 250 direct employees , 43% of which are from the city of Itauguá and 44% from neighboring cities including Capiatá, San Lorenzo and Itá.

We advocate the motto of NO violence and NO discrimination in all of its forms, that is why our recruitment process only focuses on the skills and abilities required for the position. (Of our 16 leadership positions, 9 are currently held by women)

All of this fills us with satisfaction and pride as a company, since we can see the personal growth of our employees, as well as the community itself, through the generation of job opportunities.